Elliptical HIIT Workout

Elliptical HIIT

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Elliptical HIIT Workout – 15 Minutes

Here is an elliptical HIIT workout you can do at home or at the gym.

Workout Details:

  • Warm-Up: 3 minutes (Level 7 Intensity at 130 strides per minute (spm))
  • Intervals: 9 sets of 30 seconds (Level 10 Intensity at 200+ spm) / 30 seconds (Level 7 Intensity at 130 spm)
  • Cool-Down: 3 minutes (Level 7 Intensity at 130¬†spm or stretch)


  • Make sure to keep your body upright and stable
  • Alternate between moving forwards and backwards
  • If you want to workout your core, let go of the handlebars and balance yourself on the machine