Bear Crawl HIIT

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Bear Crawl HIIT Workout – 15 Minutes

Here is a Bear Crawl HIIT workout you can do in less than 15 minutes at your local track and field.

Bear Crawl

  • Warm-Up: 3 minutes (3 sets of 20 yards crawls with jumping jacks in between each set)
  • Intervals: 6-8 sets of 50 yards crawl (100% ALL OUT SPEED) / 30 seconds walking back to starting line
  • Cool-Down: 3 minutes (stretching or walking)


  • Do this on a football field where you can see the distance markers
  • Keep your knees off the ground and your back straight during each set
  • If you feel like your form is collapsing, stop and rest
  • Add a weight vest to make this workout more difficult
  • If you need a Motivation Video